Hair Care

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Material Girl Hair Care & Product Suggestion

  • Never use harsh shampoos or chemicals on your hair extensions.
  • Material Girl Hair offers shampoos & conditioners for sale. Please check out our product store to purchase the right product for your hair extensions.
  • Wrap hair every night with a silk scarf and Stocking to hold down the scarf.
  • If your weave is long or curly then braid 4 sections of the weave at night to ensure no tangling
  • Material Girl Hair recommends to go to a profession hair stylist for maintenance of your hair extensions
  • If you wash yourself please be very careful and DO NOT USE harsh shampoos.
  • Remember that extensions, as well as they are done are never your real hair. You must treat them with a lot of care and be very gentle.
  • Try to only style weave using heat maximum twice a week
  • As extensions have been cut at the track, a little bit of shedding is normal
  • Material Girl Hair seals every weft with Fray Check to ensure minimum shedding. Please do a skin test to ensure you are not allergic to this chemical before installing.
  • Material Girl Hair recommends re-sealing your own wefts every 3 months.
  • Check out our YouTube to learn how to seal weft
  • Try not to pull your weave back into a pony tail too much or too tightly, always be conscience of your front baby hairs and edges.
  • At least once a week go through the rows of your braid base and gently apply moisturizing hair and scalp cream (e.g., Mizani cream, Coconut oil, Shea butter, lotion)
  • Don’t put any form of grease of or oil on your hair extensions (e.g. olive oil sheen, polish) this will make it look cheap, synthetic and very heavy.
  • If your weave is curly apply small amount of hair lotion in palm of hands and rub all over hands so it’s a thin layer of product, Loosely apply to hair to maintain curl
  • Full head weaves should be kept for max 6-8 weeks
  • Natural part weaves should be left for 5 weeks ( try not to straighten your top natural hair too much)
  • Track Extensions should be re done every 6 weeks, but if you want to keep them for 2 months you can just ensure the root is not tangling.
  • When brushing hold the train firmly with your palm, then brush from ends up
  • Please use a professional to remove hair extensions.