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Material Girl Hair Texture

Texture is just as important as color. Even if you pick the right color, your hairstyle will look appalling if you mix curly hair with straight extensions or kinky extensions with silky hair. There are several regions and type of hair.

Peruvian and Brazilian Hair have a heavier density than Indian Hair and has a tendency to be somewhat smoother and shinier. Brazilian Hair also tends to withstand humidity with less frizz. Because the South American region is so diverse, some of the Brazilian patterns are more coarse than Indian Hair. Cambodian and Malaysian are usually darker in color and very silky.

Again, with the advice of a professional, you should have a good idea of what will work best for you. If you want to try something different from your hair’s normal texture, make sure you can adapt your natural hair to blend in well with the extensions. For instance, if your hair is straight and you want Shirley Temple curls, make sure you can achieve Shirley Temple curls with your real hair before making the purchase. And or try a full hair weave and leave no natural hair out.